D-E-A-L design band performing from Brussels close


D-E-A-L is Morgane, Quentin & Victor, a design band and a creative studio performing from Brussels. They are occasionally joined by new companions according to the scope of the project. The group works with various types of clients, from individuals to institutions, in Belgium and abroad (Netherlands, Russia, France, etc.), mainly in the cultural and artistic fields, but constantly looking for new playgrounds.

The collaborative studio practice aims to create singular visual and typographic languages, printed and digital, with critical perspectives in harmony with the essence of the content. Thus, the emphasis is placed on being involved together with the clients from the first to the last steps of the work process, in connecting their core intention to their public with a personal visual voice.

Images and languages are shaped by cultural, geographic and historic contexts. As designers, it belongs to us to take them in consideration and consistently learn from them. They play an important part in the way we create our design, explore our researches, question the relation to our tools as well as our devices, and how they echoe on the reader's imagination.


D-E-A-L studio rue Paul Devaux straat 3, 1050, Brussels, Belgium

Please note that we don't offer internships at the moment.

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clients (selected)

  • 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Parallel Program (RU)
  • ARGOS centre for audiovisual arts (BE)
  • ART & MARGES museum (BE)
  • Céline Shen (FR)
  • Chloé Malcotti (BE)
  • Constant VZW (BE)
  • Faassen & Verdijk (BE)
  • Filiep Tacq (BE)
  • Helena Dietrich (DE/BE)
  • Juliette Cazalic (BE)
  • Kim Magnan (FR)
  • Leo François (BE)
  • MAD Young Talents Prize 2018 (BE)
  • PRINTMAKING UNION: La Cambre (BE), Central Saint Martins (UK), Koninklijke
  • Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (KABK) (NL), Royal Academie Antwerp (BE)
  • RESOLUTION magazine (NL)
  • ...


  • Talking Letterheads at DING vitrine/Design Museum, Ghent, 2020 (BE)
  • Forms of Life of Forms, curated by Rob Ritzen, Brussels, 2019-2020 (BE)
  • YOUNG TALENT at MAD, Brussels, 2018 (BE)


  • PHANTOM RADIO, DING vitrine/Design Museum, Ghent, 2020 (BE)
  • École de Recherche Graphique (ERG), Brussels, 2019 (BE)
  • Guest Jury at École supérieure des arts Le 75, Brussels, 2020 (BE)
  • Guest Jury at École de Recherche Graphique (ERG), Brussels, 2019 (BE)
  • ...